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Seeking all veterans who served in Korea

The Scarborough Evening News 19 Jan 2017

The Republic of South Korea Ministry of Defence request the names of all surviving veterans who served in the Korean Campaign.
Ken Keld a founder member of the British Korean Veterans Association is acting as co-ordinator for the North East area in conjunction with the Korean Liaising Officer tracing all veterans who served in Korea.

At the present time he does not know the reason or reasons for this request but he can assure you from his own personal experience the people of Korea are grateful for your part played in securing freedom for their nation, in their eye you will always be their hero.

This appeal, due to age factor, could in some cases be a problem but should sons, daughters, grandchildren or even friends who know of any such veterans please contact Ken Keld on their behalf, but only with their consent giving all their relevant details – present postal address, telephone number (if possible) or even email, plus all service details.

For those who use the postal service and require any further information or a reply, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope in all cases as this is being done on your behalf on a voluntary basis.

All your replies will be strictly confidential.

Ken Keld can be contacted at 2 Penton Road, Cayton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 3TQ or telephone (01723) 585912 or email with details. Ken Keld Penton Road Cayton

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Message from Eddie Kirton-Vaughan

I served as an ERA 1st Class on the 1958 59 commission under Captain Peter Twiss and still have the magazine from the commission. I am not sure if you have any members from this commission but would be interested to hear from you.

Eddie Kirton-Vaughan [please email for Eddie’s contact details ]

Crossed the Bar -Lawrence Vernon Keene – 2/3/1929 – 31/7/2016

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Email from Yvonne Scholes

My father Ronald Maxwell served on HMS Ceylon 1943/44. He  died on 18th March 2016. Although he experienced the traumas of war like many others, he had fond memories of his time on HMS Ceylon. He was one of the first to board  her in 1943 at Greenock in Glasgow. Although he told me some tales of his time in the RN it was always the light hearted times he. referred to. I wish now I had talked to him more.


Can anyone help Lawrence Bradley Coleman 

My Grandfather Lawrence Geoffrey Coleman served on the Hospital Ceylon during the second world war, he sadly passed away around 14 years ago now but he was my hero growing up and I still miss him to this day.

He left a large happy family behind and my father is a lot like him and it’s with their teachings I have had a good life.

The reason for this email is I would like my family to know some people who knew my Grandfather are still around and I would like to know more about what happened in the war aboard HMS Ceylon.

We have a few photos at home of Lawrence on the Ceylon, one of which my favourite is my Grandfather and fellow crew holding a Japanese flag after a surrender.

I guess any information you have I would be over the moon, I have not told my dad of this email as I want to surprise him.

Best regards

Lawrence Bradley Coleman

Please contact Brien Harrison if you can help

Crossed the Bar – Ron Joy (Yorkie) Message from his son Phil Joy

I came across when I was looking for any navy pals of my dad, Ron Joy (Yorkie) who may of served with him on the HMS Ceylon between 16 July 1952 – 28 Nov 1954?  Just after

I found a document he wrote about his time in the Royal Navy and the short extract below is about his time on HMS Ceylon:

I got a draft ship to the East Indies station based in Trincomalee on HMS Ceylon for 2 ½ years. I joined my ship HMS Ceylon a cruiser in Singapore  where she was having a three month refit. On completion we then took our station in Trincomalee. 

In 1953 we escorted the Royal Yacht SS Gothic for the royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.  A good time was had by all, on completion we escorted the royal couple to the Coco Islands where we left to go to the Maldives to witness them becoming a republic, then back to Ceylon.

We spent the rest of the commission showing the flag cruises to East Africa, India, Pakistan, Persian Gulf, Vietnam, Seychelles, Fiji, Zanzibar, and a few more.  We paid off in Trincomalee in late 1954 to Portsmouth.

Sadly my dad passed away at the age of 81, last month of a heart attack at Colchester hospital in Essex. It was all very sudden and unexpected.

I would very much appreciate it if you could perhaps pass the above information onto anyone who might like to come and say goodbye to my dad.  I know Essex may be a distance to travel to but if anyone who knew my Dad would like to attend his funeral it is on Wednesday 24 February at Weeley Crematorium in Essex at 3.30pm.

I have created this email address for any correspondence relating to my dad.